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Hello! We are delighted that you have come here and that you want to know more about our project, we will tell you a little about Hotelito Boutique, and of course, about one of the things we are most passionate about, Sustainable Hospitality.

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Where have we come from?

Hotelito Boutique is a project we started in the summer of 2016. It arose from one of our passions, travel, and above all, because we believed that there could be a better accommodation alternative than the ones we found ourselves in our getaways, where we often missed things.

Since then, calmly and with good handwriting, which is how we like to do things at Hotelito, we have continued to grow to what we are today: a hotel establishment within the reach of many, where you're welcome, and where we understand the value of our neighbourhoods and neighbours.

The owners of the neighbourhood.

Those of us who like to travel know that no two destinations are the same, that each place is unique and that this is precisely the magic.

At Hotelito we think that it is the locals who really make each place what it is, who preserve the local culture that you end up falling in love with and who transmit their own way of being and doing things. They are the ones who make the neighbourhood a neighbourhood.

Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, we have a commitment to our environment. We are in places that we love and we know perfectly well who they belong to: those who have been there all their lives, those who made and continue to make that place what it is today.

We did what no one else did.

Therefore, our Hotelitos represent a space of Sustainable Hospitality. This is the term that we ourselves have baptised to define the philosophy and actions that defend and protect the essence that makes the neighbourhood a neighbourhood.

We believe in conscious tourism that values and respects each destination, that allows each place to continue to exist as it has always been.